The captivating infectious, female superstar, LOOMI$ delivers a timeless masterpiece that fuses pain turned into beautiful melodies and unique seductive concepts that allure to the pulse of all ears who are listening, combined with an all-star cast of some of music's top hit producers, musicians and superstar talent of our time to create the artist's new EP, LOOMIVERSE

Loomi$, a singer, songwriter, performer, fashion and cosmetic stylist linked with legendary four-time GRAMMY Award winning producer, songwriter, artist, and musician Bobby Ross Avila whom she met through Kevin "Kevy Kev" Kim, Bobby has become a mentor to her, as well as a creative director and executive producer -- alongside Kevin "Kevy Kev" Kim -- for her EP Loomiverse, set to be released in 2021. The project is her first-ever release, and features contemporary musical greats, The Avila Brothers, Travis Kr8ts, Timbaland, El DeBarge, Battlecat, Baby Bash, Franky Fade, AC Burrel, as well as Kokane and Smoke Deville

LOOMIVERSE delivers a sweet, soulful, blousey, sexy, pritty and gritty collection of songs that bring out the seductive and sometimes ganster out of you. "It's simply marvelous Dahlin'," in the words of Loomi$ herself.


With a voice that oozes the soul and struggle of the life force, Loomis’ raw talent will make you remember why pain sounds so good. She’s genuine, she’s complicated, and she’s a natural-born star.



MUSICAL INSPIRATION: Tupac, Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughn

GO-TO SHOWER SONG: Chain Of Fools - Aretha Franklin

COMFORT FOOD: Cap'n Crunch

BONUS FACT: I went to boot camp as a teen 'cuz I was bad!